Oh yes, this happened today. Yoga balls in the classroom!

Came back to an interactive white board and then was offered these babies to replace my chairs. Whatttt?? Yes, please!



Today was a teacher workday, but tomorrow will be the big reveal to the kids. I cannot WAIT to see their reactions.

Research really supports the use of alternative seating in the classroom, and luckily I have an open-minded principal who is SO into this kind of stuff. I’m looking forward to sharing information about how this ends up working in the classroom! I know it’ll be a lot of work to get them adjusted and consistently using them properly, but for now, I’m just going to revel in the excitement.


6 thoughts on “Oh yes, this happened today. Yoga balls in the classroom!

  1. What are the rings that you have the balls sitting on? I’ve used exercise balls in my room but the kids roll them all over the place. Do the rings help them stay in place?

    • They are foam stability rings. They keep the balls in place when they aren’t being sat on. They’re great because if you lightly bump into a ball while it’s on a ring, it’ll stay put. But as soon as you want to sit, you need to remove the ring, or you will wobble all over the place. That process will take a bit of adjusting to, because it’s definitely an extra step over just pushing in/pulling out a chair. LOL

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