New Year’s Sale and a Black History Month Give-Away!

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe our beloved Winter Break is nearing its end already. But hopefully you’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to go back to your little munchkins.

To celebrate, I’m throwing a 3 day sale! Just click on the picture below to get linked to my TPT store.


I’m also happy to share my newest product, just in time to get ourselves ready to celebrate Black History Month.


So I’ve created a set of passages that have several purposes. This packet is created mainly with my 3rd graders in mind. (This packet would also be ideal for struggling 4th and 5th grade readers, though.)

The packet contains 10 passages. One passage simply introduces some history explaining why we even have Black History Month by touching on the struggles faced by black Americans throughout our history. After that passage, there are 9 others. Each of those passages focuses on a historical figure who helped bring change to our country. The passages are short and sweet, and to the point, which is necessary for my kids. This makes it easy to conduct close reads too! All paragraphs are numbered. Each passage ends with 4 questions, which are CCSS aligned. The first three always require coding their evidence, and the 4th is always more opened ended and thought-provoking. I did it this way to meet not just the CCSS requirements, but also to help teachers differentiate instruction based on the strengths of their kiddos.

On Sunday night, I’ll be happy to give this away to a random commenter who shares their wonderful ideas by answering this: How have you taught Black History Month in the past? Are you going to change things up this year? If so, how?


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Sale and a Black History Month Give-Away!

  1. In the past I have taught Black History Month by doing book studies on realistic fictional picture books based on famous African Americans. I like to have groups of my 3rd graders research one person per group and report back to the class. In addition I am going to use close reading passages and more biographies this year to help with our genre studies.

    • When in 5th grade, I had a text set related to the Civil Rights Movement. I did a couple read-a-louds in combination with a double-sided journal entry. Then they read in pairs or independently during seat work time and continued the journal entry. Lastly, they chose one event to depict a picture of and we created a class “quilt” for the Civil Rights Movement to display. I would like to incorporate biographies and other movements or advances to create multiple quilts.

      • I love the idea of a quilt! That sounds like a great way to wrap up the unit at the end of Februrary. That idea could definitely be used with this packet, and I think my kiddos would enjoy that tons. Great idea!

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