The Preparation Continues!

So, I go back on Monday. And I kind of want to. If you ask my fiance, the one who has to live with me, he’ll tell you that I am not meant to stay at home and twiddle my thumbs. So I’ve spent my summer working on doing everything I can to make this upcoming year more than survivable–enjoyable! I’ve also worked hard to keep my TPT store updated and fresh!

Today was pretty productive too.

This mainly made for lots of hand cramping from all the cutting.
This mainly made for lots of hand cramping from all the cutting.


*sigh* What’s it like to have a brain that relaxes?

I’m working on getting these goodies available to you all. I have my schedules ready (here in Florida, the kids have a short Wednesday), labels for my teacher toolbox and the one the kids use, numbered labels for student names to go on tables, clips for Daily 5, behavior, and transportation, updated labels for my pride and joy, and homework labels for ELA since that’s solely what I’ll be teaching this year. But those guided reading flip cards in the upper left hand corner? Those are already here, ready to go!

But at this point, you know I love giving things away as much as I love simply staring at labels. I appreciate those of you that follow my blog, because it also means you spread the love to my TPT store. That alone, has helped me survive the summer and put food on the table during some pretty difficult economic times.

The shorthand version would be this:

– Summer started – yay, what could go wrong? I’ve got money saved for food and bills! No prob!

– Washer immediately started leaking, then stopped, confusing me greatly. It now gets a stern lecture before every wash. I can put 2 socks in safely. Maybe 3 if I’m feeling dangerous. It doesn’t leak then.

– Dryer started giving my clothes its own scent of smoke and fire, and a little bit of burnt toast. I’ve learned that this means I can keep the dryer on for no more than 58 minutes at a time. Thankfully, it can dry a grand total of one article of clothing in that time. It’s efficient.

– Stove started to die, but not before getting dangerously hot whenever the oven is on. We’ve started a fund for ourselves. In our heads.

– Kitchen floor all but spontaneously combusted, and needed immediate replacement. On the upside, Home Depot loves me.

– AC pipe in the laundry room began leaking randomly and angrily, needing an emergency call to

So…pity party aside, the point is this: Do I appreciate those who spend their own hard earned money on items I’ve created? Beyond words. 

I would like to give away the guided reading flip cards to the first 3 people who comment about anything. No rules. And hopefully one day, I can afford to give them away to any hardworking teacher who spends the kind of time, energy, and money ALL OF US put into our classroom and ultimately, our kids.


9 thoughts on “The Preparation Continues!

  1. I feel your pain!! Fortunately we teachers have oh so much time to handle all the extras life throws our way in the summer!!:). Keep your head up!

    • Are you up north? I grew up in NY and we started after labor day as well. Down here the kids start the week after our teacher work week (so, August 11) and we get out by the end of May. It’s so awfully hot, that summer is actually a good time to be indoors at work at least. Ha!

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