Your bright and cheerful Specials labels are ready!

Asked and answered, friends. Well, almost. Many of you looked back at this post and requested the Specials labels I had photographed. The problem was, it had disappeared from my computer. Flat-out gone. I hope you can forgive me when you see how much cuter this set is.

Picture 8

Many of you had certain specials that were particular to your school, which I did not have ready to go. So I sifted through the requests and I *think* I honored all of them. Here’s what I’ve got:

PE, Art, Music, Health, Library, Media, Lab (for computers), Tech (technology), and Guidance

There are three labels for PE since many of us have PE every other day, but every other Special has two labels for you to choose from.

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Simply print, laminate, and cut. My recommendation after this is what you saw in the reveal. I hot glued the days of the week onto clothespins, and glued the clothespins to a bulletin board. Later in the year, I actually glued magnets on the back and kept the Specials schedule on the white board instead. Both concepts worked great in the room.

Anyway, I have this item available on TPT for an itty bitty $4, BUT I would love even more to give this set away to the first two people to comment. You don’t even need to say anything special. Just “Hi” works. 

Whew, that was quick!! Sorry to those who missed the freebie, but be sure to follow my blog and check back often for more freebies in the very near future. 🙂

Happy every-day-is-Friday-even-on-Wednesday!



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