Make this adorable mini anchor chart stand!

Seriously, make it. Even if you don’t need it. Why? It’s cheap and it’s cute, and you’ll probably find really good use for it.

photo 1

Let’s first talk about why and how.

If you run your room on centers and rotations, you know that no matter how many times you explain what goes on at each center, there will be 50% not listening, 30% confused, 10% that think they aren’t confused but they really are, and 10% who know what to do but don’t feel like sharing that knowledge with others.

In the past, I’ve displayed the centers and jobs to get done on the board, via my computer. This year, I’ve been blessed with a room that has a TV. A TV from the year I was born, hooked up to a computer. The chances that kids will be able to use that little piece of technology to successfully complete each center (especially ones on the other side of the room) is slim to none. What  I needed was a stand at each center that could easily display the directions for ALL students to see and refer back to as necessary.

So I searched the world wide web of Pinterest for ideas and found the concept of mini anchor charts made from CPVC pipes. Genius!

So of course, I dragged my fiance to Lowes (not really; I had to drag him out) and we stood in the pipes isle and contemplated. And built things on the ground and pondered, and acted like they were swords for a bit, and then got down to business. This receipt here shows what I decided on:


The first thing you may notice is, “Oh, I use Amex too. Good rewards on that card.” The second thing you may notice is “She must have made 3 anchor chart stands.” The third thing I hope you notice is, “That’s the least expensive thing I’ll ever buy for my classroom. Ever.”

Exactly.  So here are the real names of the materials you’ll need for EACH anchor chart. I made three, so I got 6 attachments and 2 long pipes.

2 : 1/2″ Wing Elbow (not the special female part…those don’t work and they’re expensive)

2 : 1/2″ 90 Degree Elbow

1 : 1/2″ 5 foot long CPVC pipe

Make sure you have something to cut it with, or ask the people at Lowes to do it for you. We opted to do it ourselves because we had this evil blue tool in the picture below that I think made me bleed.

photo 3



For each stand, I had the boy measure and cut two long pieces at 12 inches each, and one short piece at 10 inches. You can play around with this. We actually made them too wide the first time, so we recut. Easy peasy.


So cut out everything to size. Use the wing elbows as the stability at the bottom, and the 90 degree elbows to connect the stand.

photo 4

When you’re done, they look like this. (I have no idea why these are uploading so blurry. Imagine they aren’t blurry. Enjoy.) At this point, you can just say you like ugly things or you can cover them up in tape like I’ve seen on Pinterest OR go with one solid color and spray paint. I opt for spray paint because I spray paint everything.


photo 1


Display stand on a placemat from Target, set on a table, and enjoy.

Wait. Actually, use them at school. Since it’s summer and naturally I’ve literally finished 30 weeks of ELA centers, which have been printed and laminated, I tried it out.

photo 2


The way I am using these, has the chart stand looking like this without directions.

photo 3

All of the directions are cut out to size, and simply slipped under the clothespin. Of course, if you wanted to be fancy and use velcro or that blue sticky tack, you could do that. I’m good with not being too too fancy.

That said, you could just hole punch every center and throw them all on the ring, and toss them over the side when they change out. I will likely be doing that for my “Teacher Time” center.

I will be compiling my centers in the next few weeks. This is actually quite the process. But when they are done, they will be posted as a freebie for a few first commenters and then available for purchase at my TPT store.

Sooo…will you be making these little guys? Would love to hear how you plan to use yours!



4 thoughts on “Make this adorable mini anchor chart stand!

  1. I am so making these!!! They could be used for just about anything. Great idea. Will you be bolting them down in some places? Looks like you could if you needed to.

    • I may, if I find that I need to. I think your best bet would be to use command strips (the kind meant for posters or other light things). Those things are magical and don’t make your principal angry when you remove them. 😉

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