Summer Vacation! (Except teachers never truly rest…)

Good morning and happy summer, friends! (Sorry in advance if you’re not on summer vacation yet, and you want to stab the computer for seeing this.)

I’ve recently gained quite a few wonderful followers, many of whom have asked for the availability of certain products that you’ve seen posted, but can’t find in my TPT store.

There also were some link issues with freebies I had posted. So my hope is to get all of these products uploaded for you in this post, so you can download for free and enjoy in your classroom next year. πŸ™‚ Let’s get started!


First things first, the Library Pockets!

so bright and pocket-y

The entire download is available here!


The hand signals, which I’ve used for years and could not live without:

photo 1


You can download those here now! On a side note, you can download my homework labels at my store.


The pencil jar labels that again, I could not do without.

photo 5

Please download these babies as you wish!


The Specials labels, which are formatted for the ones we have. My apologies if I haven’t included a Specials program that you have. Feel free to request, though!

photo 1


These were changed after I posted (to black with brights on top). Slightly different, same idea!


Learning goals.

Picture 3


Download here! (You can download my scale, which matches it all, here.)


Now, something new!


This is how my library looked last year, and I adored it. (Reading Zone can be found here, and AR point board can be found here.)

photo 5

photo 3


However, things are changing. I am so excited to find myself moving to third grade next year! After four years in fifth grade, I am ready for a change.


That means I packed up my room, lugged half of it home and left the rest in my new classroom, which I cannot wait to decorate and reveal. I also did some reflecting. For my 5th graders, I organized the books by AR level. I wanted to change it up for my new littles. As we transition to Common Core, our little ones will need to be a bit more well-versed in genre than before. (Or maybe I was just slacking.) So for this upcoming year, I did this:




(Love the engagement pictures easily visible through the coffee table top. Whoops!)


To make a long story short, I took the bins home, spray painted them (said a few bad words as I watched the spray paint slip down the plastic and die), then re-spray painted them with better paint meant for plastic, and created labels. The labels were laminated, attached with super glue and mod podge to secure them in place, because I don’t have such great luck with super glue.


That terrifying moment when you think the mod podge will never dry and you just ruined your life.
That terrifying moment when you think the mod podge will never dry and you just ruined your life.

Then, I created labels that align with Avery 8160 Address Labels (1″ x 2 5/8″). These labels are simplified versions of the black genre labels, as they include the same picture. This makes it super easy to see where the books belong,

photo 2 photo 3

I’m super excited about doing things this way! I really think it’ll help the kids choose books that fit their interests AND help them branch out and try out new genres. On a completely other level, when I want to model a specific genre, such as poetry, it’ll be very easy for me to find a book to guide the students through.

You can download the genre labels, the Β banners above the labels, and the avery labels by clicking on the links in this sentence! The avery labels contain a bunch of repeats, but again, this is what I found I needed to label all the books, so feel free to sift through and use as needed.

I hope that this post helps you find the things you want and need! Please comment below if you don’t see something you were hoping for, and I’ll do my best to get it up here soon. πŸ™‚

Happy Summer, everyone!


30 thoughts on “Summer Vacation! (Except teachers never truly rest…)

  1. Hi Miss Sammi,
    I LOVE all your organization ideas and label. Is there somewhere I can find your labels for the colorful cart and homework club?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Pearl! Thank you for your kind words…made me smile! I don’t have those up yet but my goal is to consolidate labels for all the stuff I have posted pictures of and throw them in one big file for everyone, by the end of this summer! πŸ™‚

  2. I love all of your creations! Thank you for sharing. The kids and (principal) will be impressed. I also was wondering about a “Media & Technology” label for Specials.

  3. These go perfectly with my theme! Thank you for sharing! Could you if you get a chance change the specials word of prevention to guidance and media to library or post one that is able to be edited? Thank you again for sharing!

  4. Would it be possible to make specials labels for Library, Enrichment, and Mandarin?

    I will totally be bookmarking your blog and referring to it often in the next month – thanks!

  5. I love your products, and your classroom is gorgeous! I was wondering about your job board…is it in your tpt store? Thanks!

  6. Hi Miss Sammi –
    I keep coming back to this post for ideas! I love them all. Are you willing to share the Happy Birthday chevron circles? I love the Reading Zone circles you shared! I already have them printed, laminated and ready to hang in my room!!
    Thank you so much!

  7. So many great ideas for the new school year! So glad I ran upon your blog!! Quick question… could you make special labels for Computer and Library? Thank you for sharing all of your amazing ideas!!

  8. Hi, I love all of your organization! I’m looking for a new specials board and I was able to click your link and get the days, however, the round pictures are not showing up for me. Could you help me? Thanks!

  9. I love all our ideas! I have become inspired to redo and revamp!

    I have searched through the comments and your responses but I was wondering if you had the time to make a specials card for Library. I saw the media card but I know my kids would be confused no matter how many times I explained it was the same thing as library! Also, I saw that you said you would upload the job cards you had. Did you do it somewhere (that I missed) and if not would you…I really like them and would like to use them in my room.

    Thank you!!

  10. Could you make a circle label for library to go with your previous specials board. I noticed on TPT that you have it in a rectangel, but I would prefer a circle….if possible.


    • Hi Lindsey. I’m not currently able to so requests right now, as I’m insanely busy with the school year having just started. I would be happy to try to get to that at some point in the future.

  11. I am immensely thankful for people like you who are so creative, organized, efficient, and willing to share. Thank you so much! I hope your year is going well.

  12. I really like your specials labels and would absolutely LOVE to use them in my own classroom! I teach 3rd grade and have enjoyed looking at your organizational ideas and have been really inspired by your neat, clean, and organized room! Is there a way that you can add some specials to your tags for my class? I need technology, math, and science, please πŸ™‚ Also, what font are you using? It is really cute and fun, but I can’t find it anywhere that I’ve looked! Thanks so much! My email is

  13. Hi!! I love love love your site! I came across these circles with the specials and would love to use them next year! Would you consider adding a computer lab circle? Thank you so much!!

  14. Hi! I absolutely LOVE all of your stuff! You have some wonderful ideas and have saved me so much time! Also, thank you for the freebies! Black and neon are my favorite! Question. How do you print your freebies with the neon colors? Is there a special cartridge you use?

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