Helping Your Students Stay Organized, Too!

It’s fantastic if we can get and keep ourselves organized. As teachers, that’s a priority. But there are times when it seems as though we are only as organized as our students. This year, I’m on a strong mission to help my students develop organizational skills. That said, I also recognize that my kids are 10 years old and will need my help.

One thing I realized I can do is give them something as simple as a calendar each month. Obviously, they are still responsible for recording their homework each day in their planners. However, since I do have some “big dates” that I already know about, it makes sense to record these for the kids to see. It also helps involve parents who wish to help their kids plan ahead, and can easily scan over the calendar and keep certain dates in mind. I plan to record test dates, assembly dates, field trips, and important due dates on these monthly calendars. My hope is that aside from keeping up with their kid’s work, parents can see “important” dates and refrain from scheduling doctor/dentist/everything else appointments on these. But that’s just hopeful, I’m sure.

That said, my issue was how to ensure that they don’t lose a calendar as easily as they lose their spelling lists. (Which is apparently, REALLY easy to do.)

I ventured out to Walmart, and found economy binders for a whopping 92 cents! I can’t seem to find them online for you, but I guarantee you can walk into any local Walmart and see these babies front and center.

Then I created labels to go on top. These aren’t the exact ones I created (binder labels 2), but that’s because the ones I used for my own have gone mysteriously missing and these much more pretty ones are on my computer. I can’t explain these things.

I used the one and only mod podge to attach the labels to the binder because I despise the interaction of tape and children. (My room is magnets and velcro this year for a reason.)

This was the result:

photo 1


They are numbered so that I can scribble names on and possibly reuse (magic eraser, anyone?) if a student is about to transfer to another school.

Using a cover slip, I placed the calendar for the month of August inside and attached to each binder. Ah-ha! My best bet for keeping these calendars in one place.

photo 2 photo 3


You can download a FREE pdf file of these calendars (here you go: student calendars), however, I cannot for the life of me get them to become editable yet. I’m trying to resist paying for software to do this, but it may become necessary soon. In the meantime, I heavily recommend printing them out, writing on top for the important dates, and simply photocopying them at school. It may be your best bet!




2 thoughts on “Helping Your Students Stay Organized, Too!

  1. I love your schedule with the times printed on the circles. Do you do them yourself? Do you sell them on your page? I would love to purchase them once I know my schedule. I LOVE your room. I also want to purchase the special package from you but one of our specials is STEAM instead of art. Can you make that as one of the circles? Thanks.

    • Hi! Yes I do the schedules myself and don’t have a way of making anything editable yet. Still looking into it! 🙂

      I’ll likely update the specials package soon as I’ve gotten a ton of requests to add different specials!

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