Sanity Giveaway!

Since this blog centers around sanity, I figured I’d announce a mini giveaway. Because don’t giveaways always equal sanity?

One of the products I have made, which I am most proud of, is The Ultimate Binder for the Organized Teacher.

This baby is a 42 page, organization-packed, bundle of sanity. It is the result of 3 years of yearning for organization–to have everything I need at my fingertips. So I sat down this summer and made a list of things that I always scrambled for at the completely wrong time. (Principal on your intercom, asking for a student’s emergency contact numbers, anyone??) And this is what I came up with:

Binder Cover
– Cover page for “All About the Students”
– Student Roster Overview
– Individual student information sheets
– Student transportation
– Medications and Allergies
– Student usernames and passwords
– Previous standardized test scores data form
– Current state/district assessments data form
– Student plans overview (504, IEP, gifted, etc.)
– Special programs (that students are pulled or pushed in for)
– RTI List
– RTI Log (for individual students)
– Student reading levels data tracker
– Individual student data sheets
– Behavior log
– Parent contact log
– Field trip checklist
– While you were out sheet for students
– For the Teacher cover sheet
– Teacher login info (username/passwords)
– Meeting notes
– Looking Ahead planning sheets for months August-June
– Individual calendars for August-June
– Schedule for regular and early release
– Substitute Binder cover sheet
– Table of Contents
– VIP Names and Extensions
– Classroom procedures
– Emergency procedures
– Feedback for teacher

Take a look:



I would LOVE to give this product away (which sells for $6.50) to the first three commenters in this post. Because you’re awesome. 🙂

Please comment with your email address and a short little explanation of how you plan to save your sanity this year (gotta keep this themed, folks) and I will happily email you the PDF.

Happy Sanity!!!


18 thoughts on “Sanity Giveaway!

  1. Can my answer be wine? Besides being as organized as possible at school, after a long day a glass of wine does the trick to keep my sanity!

  2. Whew, internet troubles at home last night. I am trying clear tubs with labels for all my daily materials and art supplies. This cute binder would also help me to keep my desk under control!

  3. This will be my second full year of teaching, and from what I’ve learned from last year, I need to get ORGANIZED!! Once I get organized, my goal is to leave work at a decent time, which will help with my sanity at school and at home 🙂

    • I love your goal of leaving at a decent time. That’s one I try to make good on! I tried emailing you the file, but it got rejected. Do you have another email I could use? Thanks!

  4. I don’t know if this is too late, but this is exactly what I am looking for!!! This year we have all new everything…administration, curriculum, and students. I would love to have some organization in my life to feel in control of something 😉

  5. So sad I missed this give away! What an amazing product you have created! Exactly what I have been looking for since I am embarking on my fifth year of teaching, but first as a grade level chair and mommy to a one year old! Anything to keep me more organized is a winner!

  6. I know change is good but also scary! Our school will be Title 1 for the first time since we opened 15 years ago. I don’t know much about a Title school other than I need to be organized! If I missed the giveaway….where can I buy your resource? Thanks!

  7. Found your “Organized Student Info Binder” packet on TPT and think that will be a great start for me! Also ordering your “Welcome Back” chevron banner and downloading one of your freebies. Is the banner editable? I would love to make a flag for each child. Thanks!

    • Awesome! Thank you! Unfortunately the banner is not editable. I can certainly try to figure out how to do that, though! Consider it on my list of things-to-do!!

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