Pencil Jar Sanity!

The mere appearance of organization is enough to make me breathe a sigh of relief these days. Now, I’ve used a “sharpened” and “unsharpened” pencil jar deal for a few years now. It keeps the kids from daring to touch my pencil sharpener. Instead they use the hand signal for needing a pencil (one finger up…but not that finger) and exchange. I sharpen as needed throughout the day. Anyway,  I’ve used this method for years, but it’s never looked this darn cute!


Pencil Jars
Pencil Jars

I got the mason jars at Publix, wrapped the middle in black ribbon, and created the labels on my computer. Simple enough, but now they will match my classroom. All put together with fabric glue, because hot glue guns scare me. Bad memories.

I’m hoping to get into my classroom next week to unload my office. The poor thing is closing in on itself with all of the stuff I’ve made for school.  And when I do, I’ll come back with pictures galore, of course!


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