Ultimate Substitute Binder Organization…stuff!

So we all have those days when we are unexpectedly out sick. Or “out sick”. The biggest pain is writing up all those plans. If you’re anything like me, you’re a control freak. You feel the need to write the poor substitute a novel, because even though you won’t be there that day, you’ll be darned if that classroom doesn’t still run like a well oiled machine.

I’ve legit spent hours writing plans before, because I have it down to the second with details…”At 9:04, please transition the students by lining them up. Now, when MY students line up, they…” and before you know it, you’ve written for an hour on how to silently line up a group of 10 year olds.

I’m done going crazy with that. I searched the interwebs for inspiration. As I was taught (beg, borrow, steal), I do a little of each and a lot of my own work. I see what I like and I curb it to what works for me. Then I put in a binder. A pink one. So behold, the binder!




The biggest things I’ve included in this, are the things that consumed my time the most when writing plans. All of those “how-to” procedures and who to contact if the sub was in need of help.

Start with your intro:



The pretty important stuff:



Then I would slip in my class roster, which I don’t yet know. After that, the schedule. The stuff you write about half the time in your plans again and again.



And the best part of all, for me at least! Because like I said, this is the part that normally has me up for-freakin-ever, when I least feel like being up for-freakin-ever.







Not necessarily a huge time saver, but equally important. I had a very asthmatic child last year and it was very important that the adult in my place was aware of this, for his safety.



And because we alllll are curious, and would rather do without the he-said/she-said squabbling upon our return…



Of course, like everything, I have this little bundle available in my TPT store, here.

First three to comment get it emailed for free though. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Substitute Binder Organization…stuff!

  1. I have always been proud of my sub folder but this will take it to the next level. This will definitely have subs coming back!! 🙂
    Do I still qualify as the first 3 comments
    Ps…I stumbled across your blog and Pinterest and fell in love.

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