My Quest for Organizational Sanity Begins…

I would like to start off my blog by praising the gods of Pintrest, TeachersPayTeachers, and Etsy.

Truly, that would suffice for a first post, but I talk a lot, so therefore, I must type a lot. As a 5th grade teacher (going on year 3), I’ve learned a lot about what makes me sane, and what makes me want to shred everything in my sight, while cackling loudly to the echos of my classroom. But I’m also still learning, or shall I say, rummaging all through the Internet for anything that might slightly resemble a pretty label or, better yet, a pretty set of well organized binders and cabinets. It’s heaven for me, really. And chances are, it’s heaven for you too. Why else would you be here?

Seriously, this is what I did with my summer vacation so far. MATCHING STUFF, OMG!


Anyway, please join me in my continuing quest for all things sane. I will start with the best.thing.ever that I found on Amazon, and that are probably similarly found in every single classroom across the globe. But MINE…oh, it includes labels.

Behold, the beauty of A Colorful Cart. [Also known as the ECR4Kids 15-Drawer Mobile Organizer.]



I labeled for the main subjects. The bins aren’t necessarily big enough for the huge textbooks, but you can fit the other necessities in without any trouble. The bottom is the sub tub, which is cause for another post later on. The smaller drawers along the side have infinite possibilities. One of course, is to use the corresponding colors to fill with related work material for each subject. However, since I have other ways of sorting those materials, I’d rather have supplies most accessible to the kids. As soon as school starts back up, I’ll be able to share a completely labeled and organized set of drawers here!

My Tip for Sanity #1:

Save yourself money. Go to your school supply store, and resist the temptation to grab 8 bags of those perfect match-your-theme cut-outs. Instead, grab one bag. Before writing all over them, scan one of each style to your computer. Get creative, shrink them to the size you need in your word processor, and create labels all of your own for only the cost of all that ink you’re going to use up. Or, go on TeachersPayTeachers, and pay my water bill for me. (Or, first three to comment on this post about how labels save their sanity will get the bundle emailed to them for free. Fair enough??)

Whew, first post down!

Topics coming up next: Cute, organized binders. With labels, of course. Sub tub fun! Mailboxes for uber sanity throughout the school year! Labeled hooks, labeled cubbies! The list is endless.

I look forward to sharing sanity with you! 


3 thoughts on “My Quest for Organizational Sanity Begins…

  1. I found your blog through a pin and just wanted to let you know what an absolute inspiration your organizational ideas have been! I am the Label Queen, and looking at your pictures just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂 I would love the bundle if still available!!

  2. Labels make everything look more consistent and uniform. Plus they allow me to keep everything in the same spot instead of letting it pile up on my desk at the end of a busy day of teaching. Labels make for more efficient clean-up!

  3. Labels also help visitors to your classroom locate and return items effectively. I quickly found that the teacher’s space can EASILY become the most cluttered space in the entire classroom too so labelling helps me keep things tidy. I would love a bundle emailed to me please.

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